Guglielmo Spa carefully chooses the different types of coffee imported, relying on qualified suppliers that can guarantee a consistent quality of the product. Green coffee, before being placed in the production cycle, is tested by specialists who carefully evaluate the organoleptic quality to ensure the aroma and taste of the blends produced.

The company spread over 10,000 square meters, with modern plants, and has a production capacity of 3,000 ton per year. The production, that is realized from the raw material, is divided into four phases, from the cleanliness of the product from any impurities, to the roasting at 300 degrees, during which the beans, increasing in volume, release the aromatic ingredients essential to impart flavor and pleasantness; third phase is the mixing between the origins of arabica and robusta, to finally arrive at the ground and vacuum packaging, an essential technique to maintain over time the aroma and taste of coffee.


The Quality Management System of Guglielmo Spa complies with the requirements of the standard for quality management systems according to the new ISO 9001.
On the basis of this provision, we monitor all the processes of our high quality coffee, from roasting to packaging, for all our blends, beans and ground coffee in folders / tins, pods and capsules, ensuring the final customer a constant quality over time. Working in this context, the direction of Guglielmo Spa constantly ensures that the needs and expectations of the customer are identified, converted into requirements and fulfilled.
We are therefore confident in a constant dialogue with customers in order to better understand their needs and be able to promote plans for improvement of services.
During the course of its activities, Guglielmo Spa is committed to:
- maintain compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in the food industry;
- protecting the environment through appropriate measures;
- pursue the continuous improvement of its services.
In addition, to ensure the health of its products, Guglielmo Spa has from several years a qualified self-control system for risk analysis and critical control points in compliance with the CEE 93/43 – D.LGS 155/97 (H.A.C.C.P.) rules.